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All our goods are vegan, dairy free, egg free, & can be made gluten free


All our packaging is plastic free and environmentally friendly


We strive to ensure that our delicious bakes are made from sustainable sources

Cookie Collection

Check out our beautiful personalised cookie collection in an array of flavours perfect for any occasion​

Donut Collection

Enjoy a variety of beautiful flavours with our delicious vegan and plant based Donuts

Floral Collection​

Enjoy our edible flowers collection using flowers from fragrant rose petals to mellow marigold

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Our Baking Philosophy

Here at Wildflour Bakes we are not just concerned with baking beautifully crafted vegan cakes & bakes.

When you order form us everything is plastic free, all our materials are carefully sourced to be environmentally friendly 

Plant based, sustainable and community rooted, everything we make at Wildflour Bakes reflects our commitment to the planet and all of its inhabitants.

We are committed to ensure our bakes bring you the most amount of joy while doing the least amount of harm to the environment, animals and humans.

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