Hand Tied Thank you Teacher / Teaching Assistant Vegan Cookie Gift


Give the sweetest gift to your teacher. Show how you appreciate your teacher with a thank you with our delicious matching hand tied vegan decorated cookies with a personalised message 

Our Vegan Shortbread Cookies are rich, tender, and melt in your mouth! They are then topped with fondant Icing in a colour of your choice with a ‘BEST TEACHER/ BEST TEACHING ASSISTANT/ THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GROW’ message. 

Add your teacher / teaching assistants name in the box below for a free personalised added to the ‘Best Teacher/ teaching assistant cookie’

They are wrapped in plastic free, plant based cellophane and then hand tied with silk free, plant based ribbon (matching the cookie icing colour). This is perfect as present to say thank you to your teacher and show them your appreciation,

Your cookies are made to order & ship the same day. These adorable BIG cookies measure approximately 3″. The cookies will come individually bagged to keep its freshness. These cookies will be tasty for up to 2 weeks in an air tight container.

If you require larger quantities please email us at support@wildflourbakes.co.uk or contact us here

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We only use environmentally friendly materials, ZERO plastic packaging, & everything can be recycled or composted to add nutrients back to the soil! For more on our commitment to sustainability please read here

They can be made gluten free as well but please make sure you read through our allergy information here before ordering!

All our toppings and sprinkles are certified vegan

For further customisation please feel free to contact us here



Pearl, Eucalyptus Green, Pink, Blue, Chocolate, Red, Grape purple, Lemon Yellow


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